Fuck Toy From Only Fans Ana Katana

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Hello kink friends,

I came to Fet to share my journey, with like minded humans, from a shy npc to a perfect fucktoy.

I used to be really timid and conservative.
Never really enjoyed any of my sexual encounters, or never even explored the possibilities of one.
I was needing, but would always hold myself back.
Never even came, unless on my own.

Needless to say, I was very anxious and angry all the time due to my high libido which was constantly left unfulfilled.

Until I met Sir.

I had no idea what kinds of beautiful and terrible things are possible!
How creative one can be sexually and everything that can be included in one simple fuck!
The intricacies of setting up a scene, watching him looking at me, thinking of every which way he can defile me, me dressing up for him, doing my make up all nice and cute only to have it smeared all over my face along with my own spit or his cum and finally getting railed harder than ever in my life.

Before I met him I never even heard of an inflatable butt plug and now it’s one of my favourite toys!

Well, since meeting him, just short of 2 years ago, I have left my shyness and restraint behind and am working hard on becoming a perfect submissive.
And I always wanted to share my sexuality with all who would want to see (since I was 11 when my family got a computer and internet and I found glory hole porn)!

From chaos I came.

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