Bushy Sienna Garcia

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Follow if you like submissive princess sluts 🙈 I’ve been a fan of my kinks from the beginning of my sexual journey, before I even knew they were kinks! ❤️

I love experimenting sexually, I’ve experimented with being dominant but I’m naturally a submissive 🥰

I love being told what to do. I need someone who takes charge! 😈

I like face fucking, bondage, floggers, restraints and a good amount of choking.

I identify as a feisty bottom, I like a bit of a struggle! 😉

I like the idea of being used for someone’s sexual pleasure. Like a jerk off toy 🤤

I’m also really into pet and daddy/daughter role play! ❤️ If you want to see me playing with myself in costumes galore then join my onlyfans ❤️



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