Oprano is the Wall Street Journal for the online adult entertainment industry.

Our webmasters are more interested in making money than being a celebrity. Our ever growing base of loyal readers makes Oprano a daily stop for business minded webmasters all over the world.

Google Analytics reports that our readers are webmasters spanning the United States, England, Asia, Mexico, Canada, and Australia. Since its establishment in 2001 Oprano is the first place many webmasters read daily for the real scoop on whats going on in the business.

In 2017 the focus on Oprano moved from a threaded message board to a word press blogging platform featuring guest blog posts from industry veterans starting with two time AVN award winner Mike South and studio and cam leader Porno Dan with video blogs along side of JFK who is the standard bearer for industry photos for over a decade.

I encourage everyone to make comments on any post of interest and if you think you have something to say on a regular basis please contact me about being a guest blogger. I can be reached at evilempireinc@gmail.com .