Some MyFreeCams Models Earn Less Than Chickens


Live streaming is not just profitable for naked women anymore.

Move over MyFreeCams and Streammate – Chicken City is pecking at your revenue stream.

These chickens are on display from dawn until dusk as they work hard to get their feed on.


Sarah Avenburg – Light Brahma hen

White with black neck speckles and feathered legs Vanessa Peckingham

– Angry looking Barred Plymouth Rock hen Carol Cluck

– Black and gold hen Katarina Kuritsa

– Gray and gold hen Margaret Hatcher

– White Leghorn hen

– Small and all white Roberto Beaks – Rhode Island Red rooster

– Darker body color than Jr. with pink and white head comb and one white tail feather Roberto Beaks Jr

– Katarina & Roberto’s son – Looks just like Roberto, but has lighter body color and a more red head comb

Maggie Beaks – Margaret & Roberto’s daughter – White with brown chest speckles

Bernie Beaks – Margaret & Roberto’s daughter – White with brown chest speckles

This live streamed youtube channel is active 24 hours a day but the chickens promptly go to bed at 8pm.

Not unlike their drunken cammodel counterparts there is no need for tipping after hours as there will be no party.

Chicken City livestreams a chicken coop where you can watch the daily activities of the chickens while avid voyeurs chat and await a chicken party.

When the goal of $100 is reached instead of taking of clothing or doing a sexual act these chickens feast to disco music and mealworms.

$5 super chats release treats from the sky egg. $5 super stickers release treats from the invisible sky egg. $10 supers release treats from both. When the party meter fills up, the chicken party starts.

Check in on the chickens now with the live stream below.

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