Webcams continue to be a redhot profitable revenue source for both talent and webmasters.

It seems like each week there is a new cam site coming online with their own version of hustle and payouts.

Recently I observed what I think was a shitty publicity stunt by CamSoda involving a supposed 4K live videostream,a big breasted model and a shark bite faked to produce pageviews.

Everyone that has an interest in making money online seems to be hyperfocused on cams.

Netflix has even gotten in on the popularity by airing a sequel documentary focused on amateur porn and cams.

You may remember the first installment as a stand alone film called Hot Girls Wanted but this time they are back with a follow up called Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On.

Oprano is interested in hearing your thoughts on this segment of the industry.

I’d like for you to share the Good,The Bad and The Ugly in the comment section below as well as vote in a straw poll of which platform you think is more profitable.

As always if you don’t see the platform you profit from feel free to add it.

Which webcam platform do you find more profitable (either as a webmaster or talent)?



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