Years ago I met Porno Dan out in Vegas at Internext in a suite party for the old website. This was back when I was pimping the fur coat and making fun of the players ball with the fatfuckingnobodies ball at the Krispy Kreme in the host hotel.

Dan openly admitted that he coveted my coat and over time he was a guest on Oprano Radio and even worked as the man in the field doing porn star interviews for Pornotube.

A young Porno Dan pimping with the Milf Army.

During that time Dan would come to Atlanta to shoot some content with a few of the locals and party. The above picture is from one of his parties with Celeste Fox,Sammy4u and porn Star Karen Fisher at Mako’s in Buckhead/Atlanta,Ga.

Lucky for Dan he invited me along that evening to do some video taping (I think I still have the tape). As you can see Dan was getting the girls from the biz to go topless and a few locals joined in on the festivities.

However not all women were pleased and at the pinnacle of the evening Sammy and Celeste decided to go down on each other on the dance floor.

This proved to be too much for one local since her date was paying more attention to the porn stars than her. So she went to the bathroom and called the cops.

Lucky for us she bragged to the bartender whom I had been generously tipping and he let us know that A.P.D. was a few minutes out. We ended up back at Celeste’s boyfriend’s condo near by.

I recall shooting video for Dan during that night as Sammy,Celeste and Karen took on the guys. I guess it was a bit much to handle though. At the end of the evening I found Brett, Sammy’s husband under the sink with his nuts literally in a bowl of ice.

One of the local’s that came back with us had a husband that was a doctor and convinced Brett to stick a needle in his dick so he could stay hard all night.

I guess it worked too well but Brett would not go to the hospital.

Anyhow…. Dan has since then launched his own video and cam studio called Immoral Productions and he will be posting some interviews with new starlets starting with Cherry Kiss.



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I really enjoyed his reality tv show as far as I know it was only on in Canada