This used to be a big deal, but then so did porn chicks hooking.  Truth is an HIV positive in porn nowadays barely registers as news, not because it happens a lot but because porn performers, who often aren’t very bright to begin with, have been conditioned by The FSC and APAC to think its rare, it never happens and its no big deal if it does,

Lets be honest here, first its rare because the industry doesn’t use reliable testing, the often touted PCRDNA test is woefully inadequate because it is woefully inaccurate.  As I have been saying for years an HIV positive person could continue to work in the biz indefinitely as long as they stayed on their meds making their viral load undetectable and thus passing the PCR DNA test.  Rumors have been flying for a couple of years that there are at least 2 HIV positive performers currently working.

The idea that the few companies still making porn are going to quit indefinitely is pure fantasy, companies have defied the moratoriums for years and honestly why not?  The simple fact that nobody cares that performers may be exposing themselves to HIV on a daily basis due to inadequate testing doesn’t give anyone second thoughts why would a possible HIV?

When The FSC and APAC call for a “moratorium” on shooting it rings pretty hollow given the rest of the story.

The fact is, in my opinion, neither The FSC or APAC has shown any concern whatsoever for the health and safety of performers..if they did you would be allowed to use a condom if you wanted to and testing for a disease that can kill you would be far more stringent, so why would they start to care now?

If yer a performer…you need to start thinking for yourself, start using your head for something other than a dick receptacle.  If this statement offended you you are EXACTLY part of the problem.

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Matt Harris
I am saddened that there has evidently been another HIV case in the industry (whether it was caught on an adult set or not and also whether it was transmitted between adult industry performers or not). I am at a loss as to what can be reasonably done about it. Condoms aren’t the solution although I am of the opinion that condom optional is the way to go, some performers are allergic to latex (yes, polyurethane condoms are available and should be on all porn sets, the jury is out on whether they are as effective or durable as latex)… Read more »
Has not most of the outbreaks started with a male performer rather than a female? Yet, you put this all at the female performers pussies. Which is extremely sexist. The male performers shoot 100 times more scenes in this biz, have sex toy deals & director/producer rights on more of the content than the females do. If you want to have change in this industry you have to start with them rather than the females who have the shortest careers out of everyone involved in this biz. Stop putting it all on the ones who have the least amount of… Read more »