Mike South Debuts at South by SouthWest in “Pornocracy”

Mike South in PornocracyA bit over a year ago I was visiting my lovely friend Lindsey Lovehands and while there I got a social media message from A Producer and Director in France asking me if I had time to do a quick Skype chat.  We scheduled it and at the end I was asked if I wanted to participate in a documentary film on the current state of the adult film industry.  The film wold be produced by the French media company Canal + and would be Directed by former performer Ovidie.

Of course my answer was yes.  To my surprise Ovidie and her crew came to me here in Atlanta to film my segment, I knew as soon as we met and they started talking to me that this would not be your ordinary documentary about “pornography”.  The subject matter was unflinching and it was something that almost nobody in the adult industry here in America has the balls to talk about, MindGeek, aka, Manwin, aka Mansef.

The film takes a hard look at  how the industry took a nose dive after having survived economic downturns that decimated other businesses, porn was thought to be recession proof, yet we still managed to allow our golden egg laying goose to be killed.

Pornocracy” looks at how that happened and how it affected the people that porn depends on the most, that being the performers.  Ovidie, having been a performer herself understands this and can present it in a manner that you don’t have to be in porn to understand.

Pornocracy” points the finger at piracy and it’s biggest advocate, MindGeek, also known as Manwin and Mansef Prior to that.  Few in the business these days have the intestinal fortitude (means “guts”) to openly call out the company that easily controls two thirds of the companies that are left in the business, but Ovidie does, as do I and as does Anti Piracy Advocate Nate Glass, French Producer/Director Salieri and Producer/Director Pierre Woodman.

Pornocracy” is making it’s debut this week in Texas at the wildy popular South by SouthWest film festival and it has gotten a lot of attention…The Austin Chronicle, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post just to name a few.  Every single one introducing new people to an honest look at the industry and the harm that piracy is doing and most importantly, The conglomerate that is behind it, and what their REAL business is…hint…it isn’t porn!

I am proud to have been a part of “Pornocracy”  I want to thank Ovidie for telling my story and telling it accurately, and for allowing me to take part in this amazing documentary.  I want to encourage all of you to watch it.  I am sure that it will be on Netflix in the future and or on one of your local cable TV stations.


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