Looks like Mikesouth.com got bought by the guys at Manwin/Mindgeek or whatever name they are hiding behind this week. I wonder how much it cost them in order to get a good night’s sleep?

If you haven’t been keeping up on the industry gossip and muckracking my buddy Mike South was exposing the dirt on the cockroaches at Mindgeek , The FSC and “producers” that prey on talent for many years.

You could trust Mike to call it the way he saw it without any loyalty to an advertiser or backroom pay off. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Mike South really loves this industry.

When I read on his blog that he was about to sell I offered to defray his costs and put the blog up on my server at MojoHost.

It turns out that Mike was just tired of keeping Long Donny and other gloryhole seekers from spamming blog comments.

Mike hit me up last week wanting to know if I knew of anywhere he could just post whatever he wanted a few times a week. Mike said he needed an outlet where the owner had no loyalty to any advertiser and would allow him to just tell it like it was. He didn’t want the hassle of divulging his sources of information or explaining what he was up to.

Mike reminded me of how I used to run this resource board a few years ago before Facebook gobbled up all the viewers.


Oprano is pleased to announced the arrival of Mike South as a guest blogger.

For those of you that don’t know … Mike is a two time AVN award winner and heralded as the king of Porn Gossip. Mike is also the man that got to the bottom of the industry’s syphilis outbreak in 2012.

I figure between the two of us we can break away from the boring press that the industry has had to come to accept in the last several years.

Welcome aboard Mike!


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Eric J White

Long Live Mike South!


After all those panels we did at various shows and conventions it was inevitable we appeared on the same page.
I’m honored to have you aboard.
A note to anyone else that wants to be a guest blogger here on Oprano please get in touch. The more controversial the better.

“It’s Time To Piss AGAIN”