I Got Something To Say – Mike South

I Got Something To Say – Mike South

The Real Mike South
The mouth of the South – Mike South

Since retiring from my eponymous blog I have been doing exactly what I said I would….I have been enjoying life.  But things have happened that I wanted to talk about, but I had no one to talk to….Yes it’s true I have thousands of Facebook Friends and twitter followers but twitter doesn’t allow for more than a short soundbite and to me facebook just isn’t as personal as speaking directly to you via a site, so I took this gig on Oprano.  For the record Oprano has been around a very long time and was at one time a hugely popular webmaster forum and it was also the first internet radio show I am aware of…Im talkin 15yrs or so ago but anyway I do have something to say…….It’s coming in the following post.  Thank You to Oprano for having me, and thank you guys for reading me!

Mike South.

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