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Since retiring from my eponymous blog I have been doing exactly what I said I would….I have been enjoying life.  But things have happened that I wanted to talk about, but I had no one to talk to….Yes it’s true I have thousands of Facebook Friends and twitter followers but twitter doesn’t allow for more than a short soundbite and to me facebook just isn’t as personal as speaking directly to you via a site, so I took this gig on Oprano.  For the record Oprano has been around a very long time and was at one time a hugely popular webmaster forum and it was also the first internet radio show I am aware of…Im talkin 15yrs or so ago but anyway I do have something to say…….It’s coming in the following post.  Thank You to Oprano for having me, and thank you guys for reading me!

Mike South.

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Matt Harris

I am glad to see you posting somewhere again (yes, I know you posted on Jessica Greco as a guest writer on your old site). I feel badly that your ASACP post was (evidently from what you said in your article) censored by the new owners of MikeSouth.com but am glad I found your new blogging home. I have bookmarked this site and will read your new articles here. Good luck and I hope this gig isn’t as onerous as the last one was for you.


Thanks for your comment Matt. Mike and I have been friends for many years and he has a home here as long as he wants it.
Site has been here a long time but I reinvented it after it has been quiet for many years. I will strive to inform and entertain all visitors.
If you have anyone else in the industry that you enjoy reading that might need an unrestricted blogging home please point them here.

Matt Harris

You are welcome, Admin. Good luck with this site, I hope Mike continues to post here for years to come and that his gig here doesn’t become as onerous for him as his old blog site was.